What a great inaugural race! When I read the initial course description with 21K and several big climbs, I thought it would be a challenging, fun course. After a week of rain prior to the race I feared it would be cancelled, but the race organizers did a super job by finding an alternative course with even more mileage and hills! That's trail racing! Yes I walked parts of 3 hills, but overall I maybe spent 3-4 minutes total walking. Everything else was runable. Running in the mud made me feel like a little kid again and the 14.25 miles that my Garmin clocked went by fast. Post race swag and refreshments were top notch as was the awards ceremony which included a raffle. I think everyone who stayed for the raffle got something, that's how many things they were giving away. There are always last minute problems to fix and fires to put out when something like this is put on, and the organizers did a fantastic job dealing with it all. I hope we are back out that way next year during our Spring Break again. - Todd Murray

I participated in this event as a first time marathon runner, let alone trail run. I had a small amount of preparation as well. I am reading the other reviews cracking up! I can't believe what people complain about!! I thought it was a great event! Yes it was challenging, muddy, slippery, and at times uneven ground and small trails BUT when I signed up for a "trail run"... That's exactly what I expected to deal with. I thought they provided what I needed and if I wanted more water, then I could have ran with a water bottle! The staff was so helpful and nice. I'll def be back next year plus a few of my pals.. Thanks Mike and everyone involved - Shannon O'Connor

This was an awesome race! It was muddy and challenging. I only did the 10k but I finished needing more. I can't wait to do the 21k next year. This course was definitely not for the faint of heart. It's a very low-key race. If you need the large crowds and tons of water and aide stations then this is NOT the race for you. If you want to challenge yourself physically and mentally this is all you.- jocelyn jimenez

AWESOME race. This is probably the best value race I've ever done - you two did an awesome job as RDs, keeping us informed about everything with the weather conditions, putting together a goodie bag with swag that's actually usable and relevant to running (not just a bunch of trash advertisements!), and having tons of food at a very well organized start/finish area. I will definitely, definitely be back next year to try and take back those 31 seconds for a first place finish ;) --Mike MacLellan

We wanted to thank you for such a GREAT time! My husband and I were introduced to trail running thru this event and now we look forward to booking more events like yours. Thank you to all the cute little girls who cheered us on! The only thing I would suggest is mile markers to let us know how much we have completed.
Thank you again for all your hard work - Chris and Melissa Kyaw

It was a bit muddy/slippery in sections (not under your control), but other than that, it was a great, challenging course thatI will be back to do again if you have another one. Love the small event feel that typically comes with trail runs.
- Susan Robles

Just wanted to say that you guys did a great job with the race! I thought it was really well organized, really well marked, an absolutely gorgeous course--and did I mention tough?? I've done a number of races in OC but never been through those trails and loved the area--I'll have to be back. Thanks for a beautiful day and a fun race! -Elizabeth LaBau

The course was pretty hard. There were a lot of people at the finish line whining like babies. "My gps said it was 14 miles", or "too many hills". Suck it up people! Who cares if it was 14.4 miles! The course was so easy to follow. Stevie Wonder could have run the course. No complaints, it was awesome! No pain, no gain - Martin Sullivan

Thanks so much for a trail run experience! It was my first and was unsure about hills since we have flat land here. I'm sorry I couldn't wait for my award but I was pressed for time. I would really appreciate it if you could mail it to me. That is the correct address. Into the Wild opened my running arena into something more than road races. The race was well organized and safe. I will tell my traveling running friends about your race!- Raquel Gros

Had a fun time today. Thanks to the RDs for a great debut race! Extra kudos for good communication and flexibility dealing with weather challenges. - Jeff Peters

Despite the mud, I enjoyed my inaugural 21K trail run! Very excited to try the inov8 trail shoes I won at the raffle. Awesome prizes--Thank you! - Kris Nagel

Great race you guys! I had so much fun! You guys were all so nice and helpful.. Great experience for my first marathon :) Hope you have some pics to post! -Staci O'Connor

The race was awesome! I loved the course, looking forward to more trail races in the near future. Mike and Alison did an excellent job as race directors -Ron Creech

Really great job Allison and Michael (and all the volunteers - especially the young girls who seemed to be a bundle of energy from 6am to noon - I bet they will sleep tonight :-)). My wife and I had a really fun day and loved the race. A well marked course, great atmosphere, and well organized. Looking forward to a slightly drier course next year. -Graham Lambert

awesome course, stunning scenery! loved everything about it! the mud was the best part :) can't wait for ITW #2!!! -Adriana Rodriguez

I am in love with trail running. Amazing. -Sandra Renee Hirsch

Great race with a challenging and beautiful course! Despite all the turns and forks on the course, it was easy to follow with the markers. The mud added extra fun! Thanks to the volunteers for being out there as well -James Wang

I've gotta second everything that's been said. Awesome race. Huge thanks to the women at the aid station at mile 8.8 who steered me back on course! -Mike MacLellan

GREAT race today. It was incredibly challenging and I left it all out there. The aid stations were well supplied and the volunteers were wonderful. The women at the aid station near Anaheim Hills Elementary really helped to give me a boost. I also really appreciated how much time you took marking everything. The X's were so nice to keep us going in the right direction. Congratulations on a well-organized race. I hope that you do it again. -Lisa Roehm-Gensel

I thought the race was way more difficult than the Heartbreak Ridge Half Marathon at Camp Pendleton -Janine Swiatkowski

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